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Outfit by - Raw Mango
Photographed by - Neha Chandrakant

How I Created a Simple Twisted Bun!

When styling a traditional Indian look, I always like to opt for simple and elegant hairstyles that compliment my outfit. So, for one of Trishala's wedding functions I wore a silk brocade kurta with a high neckline and decided to style my hair tied back. Taking inspiration from the Tresemme India's Youtube channel I created a twisted low bun with a textured feel to make things more interesting!

Here’s how you can get the look by following these simple steps.

1. Start by separating the hair into two sections. Take the top half section and keep it aside.

2. Create a low ponytail with the bottom half of your hair. You want the pony to sit just above the nape of your neck.

3. Start twisting small sections from the pony and roll them to start forming a bun. Continue this till all the sections are pinned to the bun.

4. For the front section - twist small sections one by one and pin them to the low bun.

5. To define the twists, you can add some bobby pins along the side to hold it in shape.

6. Finish of the look with some hair spray to hold the bun in place.

I also added some fresh Gajra to the bun to make it more fun and elaborate, you can go with any other options like Baby's breath or roses depending on your outfit.


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